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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Deacon blue

Dan Deacon is from Brooklyn, New York. So far so (obviously) cool. He's also balding, bespectacled and a bit of a music geek. Very cool indeed in other words. Deacon releases his magnificent new album, Bromst, on Monday and it's a gigantic melting pot of glitch-techno, aboriginal funk, Iranian trip-hop, Cornish minimal bass and Finnish folk. Or something. A lot of it sounds like machines imploding and if you listen to it on the tube your guaranteed to get a seat.

One track, 'Woof Woof', hurts to listen to at points, but then the noise falls away and you feel much better for it.

Deacon's live shows are notoriously insane, with Deacon preferring to set up his gear in the middle of the crowd rather then on the stage. As you can see, 'dance offs' are common place.

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