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Friday, 6 March 2009

The beautiful people, beautiful people

Being beautiful is a burden. We know it, you know it (oh, not you actually) and Au Revoir Simone know it. Not only are the three women that make up Au Revoir Simone as cute as three rather fetching buttons, they are also, like, really talented! I know! Women can be talented musicians too!

Musick has been playing their last album, The Bird Of Music, A LOT recently so we are more then happy to announce that they will have a new album out in May entitled Still Night, Still Light. Here's the tracklisting:

Another Likely Story
All or Nothing
Knight of Wands
The Last One
Trace a Line
Only You Can Make You Happy
Take Me as I Am
Anywhere You Looked
Organized Scenery
We Are Here
Tell Me

Let's review the titles shall we? 'Knights of Wands' sounds like a Bat For Lashes b-side (4/10), 'Only You Can Make You Happy' is pure Oprah (3/10) but 'Another Likely Story' (7/10) and 'Organized Scenery' (8/10) make up for it. Who needs the actual music these days anyway, right?

Old song:

FACT: Au Revoir Simone are David Lynch's favourite band.
FACT 2: They took their name from a line in a Pee Wee Herman movie.

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