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Monday, 30 March 2009

New Musick Monday

It's a little known fact that the reason behind putting your clocks forward last weekend is simply so you can get to this feature that bit quicker. They make up some rubbish about British Summertime to appease you...like British Summertime even exists!


Fever Ray by Fever Ray

What could say imminent summertime more then this latest offering from the female half of The Knife? Glacial beats, heavily treated vocals and the dual theme of post-natal depression and insomnia. Do NOT listen to this in a darkened room - you will wet yourself.


'Untouchable' by Girls Aloud

A huge, seven-minute pop Goliath has been crudely and mercilessly hacked down to a three-minute, radio-friendly chart botherer, with unnecessary vocoder. It's a shame, but it still remains at least 67.8% better then most pop songs released this decade.


Rules by The Whitest Boy Alive

We had such high hopes. We've not read a single good review of this album and yet we can't believe it's not very good. Can someone buy it, burn us a copy and send it over to the usual address; Musick, 101 Cheapskate Street, Poorsville, London. Ta.

1 comment:

  1. It's still a lovely listen - like Dreams - but scrimps a bit on real peaks. Goes big on meandery funk when inspiration's scarce. I reckon.