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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Eels up inside ya

There are a few bands/artists that Musick loves so much that even if they were to record themselves sneezing into an old ladies face we'd still buy it twice. Radiohead are one, Bjork is another, Beck, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Girls Aloud, all right up there. Then there are Eels. Often forgotten about when it comes time to compile those lists or hand out those awards, but their (his?) consistency is startling.

So, it is with great honour and privilege that we announce that Eels have a new album out in June entitled Hombre Lobo (meaning Werewolf).

Here's the tracklisting:

That Look You Give That Guy
Lilac Breeze
In My Dreams
Tremendous Dynamite
The Longing
Fresh Blood
What's a Fella Gotta Do
My Timing Is Off
All The Beautiful Things
Beginner's Luck
Ordinary Man

Following the HUGE success of this, let's rate the song title again. Eels have always given good song titles, and this album is no exception. Given that 'It's A Motherfucker' from Daisies of the Galaxy was not a balls out rocker but rather a sad lament, it's safe to assume that 'Fresh Blood' will be soft and dreamy. 'Tremendous Dynamite' already sounds like it should be amazing, as does the honest 'What's A Fella Gotta Do'. Only 'Ordinary Man' lets the side down, it sounds a bit, well, ordinary.

Scientific as ever.

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