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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Lil bit of luck

Here at Musick we pride ourselves on being about 2 months behind the zeitgeist, but it seems we've accidentally stumbled upon a brand new video theme that is quite literally taking the world by storm.

Today, whilst drinking a mug of tea and gorging on a Malteaster (seriously, go and get one, they're amazing), who should call us up but hip-hop royalty, Lil Wayne. He'd read this insightful article and wanted to know if he could jump on the school uniform bandwagon and you know what, we let him. Here's how the conversation went (roughly):

Musick: Hello, Musick, you're local music blog.

Lil: Musick, hi, it's Lil.

Musick: Oh, you alright. Still having problems with your teeth?

Lil: Lord no, just got these amazing gold-plated dentures fitted and now I feel much more confident when eating an apple.

Musick: Oh brilliant stuff. How can we help?

Lil: Well, as you know, I'm releasing a rock record called Rebirth in May and for the first single, Prom Queen, I was hoping to use that school uniform idea you were banging on about only the other day.

Musick: Oh, OK, yeah sure, why not. I think you sat in a classroom with some spectacles on will detract from the heinous musical monstrosity going on in the background.

Lil: Wonderful, thanks Musick. All the best. Give my love to Tina won't you?

Musick: Sure will Lil.

Lil sent us over the finished video this afternoon. He's pretty good at the whole filming, directing, editing and posting thing, he gets the job done real quick. Ever the professional.

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