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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Man United's greatest player?

Here at Musick HQ we get sent A LOT of stuff. One CD, maybe two. A week. So, it's hard to remember what we have covered, what we should cover and who we should never, ever cover, ever (The Courteeners, look at us when we're talking to you). The other day we received the following song with a message written on the CD, imploring us to give it a listen and put something up. So we did and here it is.

This is the debut single from XL's new(ish) signing, Giggs. One look at the video will probably make it clear that he's not from Chiswick and that his rhymes don't cover the pro's and con's of cash ISAs, but what it does reveal is that UK rap has another figurehead we can be proud of.

'Don't Go There' starts off with one of those staccato string loops that Dr Dre used to do before he fell off the face of the planet and it has the requisite killer hook (provided by B.o.B). The most interesting thing about it, however, is Giggs' deathly deep growl which crawls out of the speakers and sounds ever so slightly like it's been recorded at the wrong speed.

It will grow on you, trust us.

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