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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Robyn gone and now she's back

We didn't think this day would ever come, so let us take a moment...Ladies and gentlemen, A NEW ROBYN SONG! 'No Hassle' has somehow made it's way onto the internet and we're incredibly thankful to whoever leaked it. Robyn's last album is one of Musick's favourite things in recent years and it's been too long since we heard a new Robyn track that wasn't a collaboration. Er, not that this isn't, seeing as it was produced by Diplo, but it's still got her stamp all over it. It's also got a nice reggae feel to it, which makes it the aural equivalent of a working title for one of Stephen Malkmus' solo albums; Swedish reggae.

The song has now been taken off youtube, but you can watch a clip of them in the studio here and, erm, perhaps, download it if you so wish (we're not saying you should of course).

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