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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Going for (Neon) Gold

Neon Gold is basically one of the best labels in the pop-o-sphere and what follows here is basically cribbed from their blog. We hold our hands up, we're lazy, but when the music is this good, we're not too bothered to be honest.

First up is Alex Winston with her single 'Animal Baby', which features a nod to the '60s...no, wait, come back...this is not Duffy, it's even better than that (!?). 'Animal Baby' is basically about her ex acting like a bit of an animal, not in a sex way, more in a shitting on the carpet kind of way...oh, no? Oh, it's about being reckless and having animal-like instincts (and shitting on the rug).

WARNING: This song will be stuck in your head for the next five days

Next up is Penguin Prison who we've mentioned before and now he's back with a new double A-side and though the first track, 'The Worse It Gets', has its moments, this is a juddering, synth-lead nugget of pure wonderment (ahem). We're huge lovers of a nice synth noodle or a bit of a beat breakdown and this has oodles of them.

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