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Friday, 26 February 2010

The future of music is safe

Nowadays in music it's all about big budget megastars - your Lady GaGas and Kylies - and on the flipside, the DIY aesthetic of bands signed to Independent labels who make songs in their bedrooms once their room mate's passed out. But what about the unsung heroes who bypass the TV talent shows, employ some friends to film a video and turn their hands at being superstars in their own right? Well, for them, youtube is their Mecca (Bingo) and here are two wonderful examples of what can happen when a dream becomes a reality.

First up is an Irish family group called Crystal Swing who seem intent on erasing the memory of The Corrs with their new single, 'He Drinks Tequila'. The song tells the story of Rosie and, er, Jose who get it on following a heavy night on the Tequila. Oh, we've all been there right?

You may think that the siblings at the front are the real stars (is their a whiff of Same Difference about their closeness? No, surely not), but it's mother Mary who steals the show with her 'playful' keyboard style and deathless stare.

Next up is Cheryl Aster with 'You Can Do It'. Let's deal with the visuals seeing as a lot of effort has gone into the video (and the song's lyrical message is pretty clear). The basic premise seems to be that poor Cheryl has been dumped (THIS VIDEO WAS MADE BEFORE THE OTHER CHERYL'S RECENT RELATIONSHIP TRAVAILS, BUT SHOULD BE HER ANTHEM REALLY), perhaps by email, and seemingly from her office in a barn. She then strides out to her car carrying a guitar and drives to er...well, it looks like she's in Egypt...and then she's back on the farm again, climbing over machinery (careful Cheryl!) and then she's in, erm, is that Broadway? It's a cityscape anyway, but not a real one. Perhaps she's inside the computer we saw earlier. For the chorus, which is obviously amazing, there are three other Cheryls behind the real one and they're all urging her to "do it on her own", though what "it" is is never really made clear (IS IT ABOUT MASTURBATION? FILLING IN YOUR TAX RETURNS? SUICIDE!?). The bridge bit is immense and incredibly stirring as we see the evil boyfriend trying to make Cheryl see the error of her ways. He seems really upset, whilst Cheryl stands firm, but then, what's this, she's now in a dark corridor and looking a bit glum, but that chorus kicks in again and there are more Cheryls and she seems chirpier. PHEW. Oh, we're back on the farm again and there's much purposeful striding about the place (careful of the cow's muck Cheryl!) and now she's back in one of those strange worlds of hers. As if to show once again that she's into rock, we get a brief glimpse of her guitar skills before the Cheryls return with some Mariah Carey style hand movements. THE END.

Please watch it here.

This song is available on iTunes. 'Firewall', which deals with another rocky relationship and has some mind-bendingly awesome lyrics about computer viruses is so far unreleased but can be heard here.

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