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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Passing the Blame

Imagine if Sting was your Dad...just imagine, for one second, that Sting was your Dad. Not only is Sting your Dad, but Trudie Styler is your Mum and practically all anyone cares about now is that your Dad and Mum allegedly engage in hours and hours of tantric sex, possibly whilst you cry in the room next door.

This isn't imaginary for Coco Sumner (the spawn of one of those long evenings of coitus), who has decided to become a musician and goes by the moniker, I Blame Coco. Weirdly, and perhaps this is a reaction to her Dad being Sting or perhaps it's because she's not very good, but her name was nowhere on the Big in 2010 lists. This is her first single proper and it features the always incredibly amazingly fantastic, Robyn.

Either way you cut it, "I want to annoy / And I'm going to enjoy it", is a pretty good opening salvo.

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