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Sunday, 24 January 2010

JLS naked in oil!!!!

Here at Musick towers we value our credibility. Not for us the easy, readers-chasing articles about who's dating who, who's saying something about someone and who may or may not be a hermaphrodite. No, we like to make you aware of exciting new bands, great songs and just get you thinking about music. It's all we care about.

Sometimes though, when we check how well the blog is doing, we are drawn to the fact that the most read article on this blog is one we did about pectoral-cleavage sporting TV talent show stars, JLS. Basically, we'd seen one of them driving around London in his flash car and did a thing about it. We felt a bit dirty, like we'd compromised our integrity and thought no more about it. Well, let's be honest here, integrity can take a running jump when it comes to bumping up numbers, so here goes...

This is JLS's amazing new video for the mind-expandingly excellent, 'One Shot'.

Fingers crossed it does the trick.

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