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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hurts locker

As a little add to the last post, there's a new band (or duo, if you like) that are doing the rounds called Hurts (or HURTS, we're not sure where they stand on the whole capital letters conspiracy). Basically, for us, the jury's still out. Only one song has emerged, they haven't played live, they dress like the kind of people you see in certain areas of London (although they're from Manchester, so let's expand that to "certain areas of Britain") that make you think, "God, what an idiot", but secretly you're thinking, "how fucking cool are they". BUT, the one song that has emerged, entitled 'Wonderful Life', is really quite something in a stately, emotionless, '80s-were-amazing kind of way.

These are them:

This is the song:

Aren't they charismatic?

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