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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lil bit of a problem

Cough syrup-addicted rapper Lil Wayne is surely one of the most bonkers rappers around. Who else would decide to follow one of rap's best albums, Tha Carter III, with an album of rock-orientated tracks that sound like the kind of things Limp Bizkit would have shunned for being too bland? Rebirth, the album that has already become somewhat of a poisoned chalice, was originally due out in April 2009 and will now (possibly) see the light of day in July of this year. The only saving grace for Lil is that he'll be in prison when the whole debacle finally comes to an end.

This is a new track, 'On Fire', and it is, quite literally, the worst single of 2010 so far.

Guitar aside, how do we know Lil loves rock? He's wearing Converse of course.

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