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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


There's a fella who makes woozy, dream-like dance music and his name is Lindstrøm. His last album was called Where You Go I Go Too and it consisted of just three songs but somehow lasted for 40 minutes. So far, so 'epic'. Unsurprisingly it's taken a woman to reign him in a bit and his new collaboration with Christabelle (they go by the name Lindstrøm & Christabelle, unsurprisingly) entitled Real Life Is No Cool, is shaping up to be something mildly spectacular (can something be mildly spectacular? Possibly not).

Anyway, there are a few samples of the album (which is out in February) on youtube, but this is probably the best one we've heard so far. It's called 'Lovesick' and it's a lovely example of what can happen when you mix some piano fluttering and a dollop of phat bass. Christabelle, whoever she may be, sure has a lovely voice doesn't she?

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