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Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fever to tell

Having spent most of our Sunday at church, we like nothing more then to come home and watch something possibly made by the Devil himself. 'Triangle Walks' is the new single from Fever Ray's incredible debut album and it's accompanied by yet another startling video. Lights flicker, shadows creep and our Karin wears some spooky face paint and hides inside a giant Ewok. It's essentially a performance video, with the wind-swept lamps, green lasers and (terrifying) backing band all making appearances at her recent gigs, of which there are a handful this summer in the UK.

Imagine that song played on Chris Moyles Radio 1 show? Imagine how much of a better world it would be if that were a possibility. There's a slim chance he could play this, the Rex The Dog remix, which essentially speeds the whole thing up and makes it sound like Depeche Mode.

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