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Monday, 29 June 2009

Missy-ed opportunity

Earlier we'd just finished a nice plate of pasta, complete with bacon lardons, some rocket salad and a couple of slices of bread. The tennis was on, a cup of tea on the go and who should breeze up to our door, only Missy bloomin' Elliott. Now, as avid readers will know, Musick and Missy have got a history. Basically, we were good friends, we would hang out a lot and she would get our advice on new songs ('Best, Best' was anything but) and give us advice on fixed-rate mortgages. Then, nothing.

So, after enduring her musings on the the Murray backhand (too much slice, apparently), Missy got round to telling us that there'd been a new track of hers 'doing the rounds' since February and that Pharrell was on it and that it was totally up in everyones grill except ours because we don't have an oven. Furious, we stood up and promptly asked Missy Elliott to leave our flat and never darken our door again, to which she said, "can I finish my tea first" to which we replied, "yes of course Missy, please have a biscuit".

This is 'Put It On You'. If you don't tap along to this you're probably dead or a racist:

It continues the trend of amazing Neptunes-produced Missy tracks and kind of undermines our argument as outlined here. Yeah, cheers Missy you bummer.

Missy also appears on Ciara's 'new joint', entitled 'Work'. There's so much going on it's frankly terrifying.

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