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Monday, 8 June 2009

Battle star Galactica

American Idol alumni Jordin Sparks looked for all the world like she would be going the way of most other reality 'stars', i.e. nowhere fast. Miraculously, she managed to carve out the start of a career by making some pretty good pop songs, like the one she did with Chris Brown before that alleged incident involving Rihanna, a car journey and an ego load of self-denial.

Anyways, Sparks has a new single out called 'Battlefield' and it's a ridiculously over the top almost-ballad written and produced by Ryan Tedder from One Republic (it's actually pretty pointless calling him 'Ryan Tedder from One Republic' seeing as he is fast becoming more famous as a songwriter than a singer). For those not in the know, Tedder is the man behind this, this and this. 'Battlefield' continues the theme of sounding a whisker away from an '80s power ballad, featuring ludicrously metaphorical lyrics and being undeniably catchy (although the Kelly Clarkson one is a poor example of the latter. It's just there because three examples are better than two).

We particularly enjoyed a comment left on youtube by a certain daxiel2, who decided the video wasn't literal enough. He/she would have liked to have seen Jordin walking through an actual battlefield or perhaps putting on some actual armour whilst singing "you'd better go and get your armour". We dread to think what 'Bleeding Love' would have looked like had daxiel2 been behind the camera.

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