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Monday, 16 June 2008

A nice chat with Missy Elliott

The other night I was at home making myself some pasta when who should pop round? None other then hip-hop megastar Missy Elliott (or Melissa to her friends). Now, I haven't seen her for years so it was nice to catch up and discuss what we'd been up to recently. I blabbed on about working in an office and doing admin (which she loves hearing about, it keeps her grounded) and then she told me some interesting stuff about her new album.

Originally entitled 'FANomenal'(MOJO even reviews the album under that name in this month's edition), it will now be called Block Party and will be released in early September. Guest spots are still being confirmed, but production will be handled by long-time collaborator Timbaland, as well as Pharrell, Danja, Soul Diggaz and my friend James who works on the meat counter in Tescos. One of these is a lie. Missy also went on about how the album was more R&B orientated then her last couple of albums and that parts of it sound like she's on drugs. This is the first single, it's called 'Best, Best':

Now, I couldn't tell Missy to her face but this is a bit, well, it's a bit, you know...meh. It's good, I like the beat and the little sci-fi effects, but at the same time it's no 'Work It' or 'Get Ur Freak On'. It is a grower though, so maybe by next week I will be shouting its merits from atop a large building.

Much better is another new track that appeared on the soundtrack to some appalling dance-related film earlier this year, the Timbaland produced 'Shake Your Pom Pom'. I was telling Missy that I thought perhaps it should have been the first single but she got all defensive and left with a packet of my rich tea biscuits and half a Kit Kat chunky. If you're reading this Missy, you owe me 85p.

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