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Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Sunshine on a rainy day

It's always nice to see a band make an effort, be it with their videos or their outfits. Australia's Empire of the Sun clearly enjoy making an effort on both fronts, even if their lead singer Luke Steele's make-up regime is less Rimmel London and more slapdash Aborigine. But still, you wouldn't expect this kind of thing from The View or The Kooks, so bonus points all round.

You may or may not recognise Luke Steele, it depends on how much attention you were paying to the lower chart placings in 2004. Steele is a founding member of The Sleepy Jackson who had some music critics in a bit of a lather until Steele managed to sack his entire band, on more than one occasion. Empire of the Sun (named after a J. G. Ballard book literary fans) will be releasing their debut album, Walking On A Dream, next month and finished fourth in that BBC Sound of 2009 poll.

This here title track is a lovely, breezy, Fleetwood Mac-inspired snugfest:

This one's rather good too:

Great videos. The rest of the album doesn't live up to these two examples so if you think these aren't much cop then don't bother with it. If these two songs are exactly what you're into then buy it. Simple really.

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