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Sunday, 25 January 2009


Britney Spears is well-known for her lyrics and the subtlety there-in, so it should come as no surprise that her song, the multi-layered, plaintive, 'If U Seek Amy' is already causing a mild furore in America. But why you ask? All she's doing is trying to ascertain if you, the listener, also seek a lady by the name of Amy. What's the problem? But say it quickly and it takes on a whole new meaning. She's actually saying, "f u c k me". Geddit? Hilarious, right? She wants you to fuck her.

The word play would be better if it actually made sense, but let's not quibble too much. Due to the power of the American lobbyists - and Lord knows there's nothing else to protest about right now - the song will be re-named 'If You See Amy' for it's commercial release, which means it will make even less sense now.

It's what some people are calling a 'Euro-club-banger':

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