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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The wait is over...

Pop music's been all about the comeback recently. From Take That to the Spice Girls, from All Saints to Boyzone, we've all marvelled at how well the old 'magic' has been recreated with barely hidden financial desperation...I mean artistic inspiration. But there's been one band missing, hasn't there? Come on, think back, which band do you long to see on stage giving it their all to a cheap-sounding backing track? That's right, New Kids On The Block are back! Donny, Jordan, Brian, Tito, Jermaine and Randy are ready to reclaim their crown with an all out aural onslaught in the shape of new single 'Summertime'.

No it's not a cover of the DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince 'classic', but rather a fairly middling R&B jam with a chorus that runs something like this: "I think about you in the summertime/ Let's make this song more anodyne". As with most of these comeback bands their name is a slight problem; claiming to be the new kids on any block is somewhat stretching the realms of fantasy now (Spice 'Girls', 'Boy'zone, All 'Saints', etc). Also, it begs the question (on so many levels), why? Why do people want to watch slightly portly men in their mid-thirties gyrating to songs they used to like fifteen years ago but have probably never played since? Is nostalgia that powerful a force?

Let's devise a list of bands we want to re-form next. I'll start us off:

- Bros
- S Club Juniors (the junkie years)
- Upside Down
- Bad Boys Inc.
- Worlds Apart
- Girl Thing
- Menswe@r
- Eternal
- BBMak
- Colour Me Badd
- Cleopatra
- Damage
- MN8
- O-Town
- Ultimate Kaos

Email me any more suggestions to thisitemneedswork@lazy.com

EDIT: The clear winners of the above poll were MN8. You people are sick.

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