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Monday, 23 June 2008

Kate's Swedish Music Corner

Kate, much like myself, is a Swedophile. She asked me to feature some Swedish music on Musick, and who am I to refuse? Her initial suggestion of Roxette was a curious one, but after a small argument we decided on Musick favourites Those Dancing Days.

Signed to Wichita records, this all-female five piece from Stockholm made some very stylish waves last year with two pop-tastic singles in the shape of 'Hitten' and the self-referential 'Those Dancing Days'. So far progress on their debut album has been interrupted by the Swedish Education system who demanded that they sit some exams before they jet off on the road to rock 'n roll fame. It seems they've finished their studies now and are back with a new single, entitled 'Run, Run'.

Cute as a button I'm sure you'll agree. If you've heard any of their other singles you'll know that 'Run, Run' doesn't mess with the formula too much, all new wave keyboard lines and artfully detached vocals. The video is somewhat of a concern though, a kind of parents nightmare made flesh, what with all the office chair racing, sitting on high window ledges and messing about on escalators. Tut tut. These Swedes may make wonderful pop music but they are incredibly lax when it comes to safety.

Finally- and linked only by country and the fact they have the word 'dance' somewhere in their name- is Lissi Dancefloor Disaster with 'Oh My God':

Ah, I love it. I shouldn't, but I do. It's the musical equivalent of Sunny D. The video is one of the worst things I've ever seen, but I think they know it. There's also the somewhat unnecessary bonus of being able to watch a 'behind the scenes' making of, which is only mildly worse then the video itself.

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