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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Le tete de radio

There were a number of surprises during the Radiohead gig on Wednesday night. Firstly, the setlist was incredible, ranging from 'My Iron Lung' to 'There, There' to (the rarely played) 'Optimistic', right up to the recently released 'Go Slowly', taken from the In Rainbows extra disc. Secondly, the light show was pretty special, all retina-burning orange glows and icy blues. There was one point during 'Paranoid Android' when I feared an epileptic fit, I'm not even epileptic. Perhaps the biggest shock came at the very start of the gig, however, when wee Thom ran out sporting a pair of red skinny jeans, like some Hoxton art student's Uncle.

Here's a poorly recorded clip of Thom sporting said garments:

Check out the dancing at the three minute mark, the guy's like Justin Timberlake or something.

Here's a slightly better quality version of one of the many highlights, the brutal 'Myxomatosis':

Resplendent in red.

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