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Sunday, 4 May 2008

You remember Ashanti, right?

She was big a few years ago, always had Ja Rule in the video. You remember Ja Rule. He was the original Akon, slightly gangsta but not really that scary. You want to know who is scary? Ashanti, that's who. Now either she's been watching one too many episodes of Damages or she's damn near lost her mind, because this video is odd. Basically, Ashanti has killed her boyfriend for cheating on her. Simple. The guy's lying face down in a bath of his own blood for God's sake. The highlights are too numerous to mention, but listen out for the serious acting chops at the beginning when she's calling the Police, she's really hurting. Or the way she takes a bath with all her clothes on and plunges into the water as some kind of rebirth or act of cleansing after the BRUTAL MURDER OF HER BOYFRIEND. The best bit is when she's shown in court at the end (I know, I've ruined it haven't I?) and they use a sketch of her like they do in British courts because they can't show the actual person. The problem is she's American and in America they practically use these court rooms as soap opera sets (remember OJ!?!) but it's a nice touch nonetheless. I only hope she gets out in time to make the follow-up video, in which we see her injecting heroin and mugging kids for money. Probably.

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