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Sunday, 4 May 2008

Lost In Translation

We all loved Minnie Driver's first album, right? Come on, you heard it, we all did. No? OK, well here's another actress wheeling out some album full of lovesongs and old guff about pain and interior furnishings...oh, hang on, it's a Tom Waits covers album you say? Produced by David Sitek and featuring David Bowie? Sung by the heart stoppingly gorgeous Scarlett Johansson? OK, so I'm guessing the video's going to be hot in an atistic kind of way? It isn't? What do you mean? Oh, they've made one of those annoying videos that aims for art but falls down somewhere near GCSE photography, all close-ups of eyes and out of focus shots of skylines. There's just enough of Miss Johansson to make it worthwhile though, and the song's not nearly as bad as you'd have thought, even if Sitek seems to have just pressed the button marked 'atmospheric with a bit of Jesus And Mary Chain'. But keep watching it until about the third minute when there's a special guest appearance by none other then Salman Rushdie, who appears to be nibbling her ear. Make of that what you will.

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