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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

All White

The Mighty Boosh are holding their very first festival in Kent this summer and one of the acts that have just been added to the bill are American three-piece, White Denim. Having read about them in magazines with my eyes I decided to listen to them on the internet with my ears. It was an enjoyable experience, not least because you get the added bonus of a rather brilliant video. The song is called 'Let's Talk About It' and it starts off as ragged garage stomp- I know I thought of The Hives too- and then it slowly mutates into one extended prog coda that goes for about two minutes. There's an album coming out in July so by then we should be able to tell if they're more then just another retro(gressive) guitar band, but so far the signs are good.

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  1. rubbish. don't blog these buggers again