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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Tesco Value

You know when you're in a supermarket and they don't have the exact product you need, you tend to go for the cheapest alternative don't you? Sometimes the good ones aren't available so you just settle for the next best thing. Hopefully, it will be cheaper so at least you can feel a bit better when it doesn't taste as good and everyone judges you badly for buying it in the first place.

The makers of the new James Bond film must know what that's like because it's been announced (well, when I say it's been announced what I really mean is that I saw it in a newspaper over someone's shoulder at the train station this evening) that instead of Amy Winehouse doing the new Bond theme, the coveted accolade will go to either Adele or Duffy. Apparently, the two erstwhile singers will 'battle it out' for the chance to sing the theme to Quantam of Solace (good luck getting something to rhyme with THAT!). How this fight will play out is anyone's guess, but I can just imagine the two of them sweating buckets over a tense game of Guess Who.

Here's a clip of Amy Winehouse from the Mercury Awards, for the simple reason that it's amazing:

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