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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

This video has a big pair of knockers in it

We all remember the '80s right? Big hair, shit clothes, big mobile phones and a smattering of amazing music (and some drivel). Everyone kind of hated it at the time. Well, as you are aware, we're forgiving the '80s in a big way by using its style and nabbing bits of the music that weren't awful. On the surface Nottingham-born Ronika is another young woman whose spent too much time rooting through the '80s NOW compilations, but there's something much more genuine about her sound and also, weirdly, the way she looks. It's as if Cyndi Lauper and Siouxsie Sioux ran into each other really hard and formed a new person.

The single is called 'Do Or Die' and it's a brilliant romp, full of skittering beats and weird gurgling noises and, most importantly, a HUGE chorus. The video is brilliantly crap, with listless dance moves, DIY costumes, some weird man doors and a brilliant bit at the end where Ronika walks back to the camera whilst pulling her dress down awkwardly. Production values be damned!

Here it is:

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