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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ober and out

Is it us, or is everyone ridiculously young these days? We know that we all start young and slowly decay and start to wither and die, but it seems that literally everywhere we look we see fresh, nubile young people with better ideas, better clothes, better jobs, etc. We're not bitter, we're just sayin'. So, to add to the misery, here's a 19-year-old American gentleman who goes by the moniker, Oberhofer.

Oberhofer makes brilliant lo-fi guitar pop and his debut EP, o0Oo0Oo (kids, eh!) is ridiculously good. By far the catchiest thing on it is 'Away FRM U', which not only features some nice xylophone action, but also a whistling solo. WHISTLING SOLO!

Before listening to this we suggest pulling your jeans down a bit, putting on a pure white vest, getting on your youngest cousins skateboard and, you know, just chillin' the fuck out Grandpa.

You can download o0Oo0Oo for free from here.

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