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Monday, 7 December 2009

Musick's Top 20 albums: 17

La Roux – La Roux

There are very simple rules when it comes to having a top 3 single. Firstly, the song must enter high and then drop down rapidly. Secondly, the song must be by an established act and/or talent show winner. Thirdly, if neither of the former, then the song must be on an advert or a pleasant listen for when you’re driving in your car or sat in the kitchen. Somehow, La Roux’s ‘In For The Kill’ managed to break all these rules, taking on a life of its own as it slowly clambered into the public consciousness. Fronted by the shock of red hair that is Elly Jackson, La Roux managed to combine icy synths and cheap beats with lyrics about love and loss to create a handful of perfect pop singles.

Key track: ‘In For The Kill’


  1. Rob can always be relied upon to offer insightful, thoughtful criticism. I mean, the depth to his argument, the thought-provoking nature of his thoughts and the concise manner in which it has been expressed it truly awe-inspiring. Keep it coming Rob.

  2. Bugger! A typo! Egg on my face. Of course i meant "is truly awe-inspiring".

  3. Ladywanke better not be in the list this year

  4. I think, just with those two words, Rob has managed to convince me that the album isn't very good at all. That's how persuasive his argument is.

    And yes, Ladyhawke's album is no. 1 this year, even though it came out last year. It's THAT good.