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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Musick's Top 20 albums: 15

Micachu – Jewellery

The word ‘original’ is banded about with such disregard for the English language that we once heard it used to describe Kasabian. Kasabian! The music Micachu (aka 22-year-old Mica Levi) makes is wholly original, sounding, at times, like an argument between four different songs. Levi is known to utilise everyday objects in her songs (such as a hoover on ‘Turn Me Well’) or make sounds using instruments she’s created herself, which makes it all sound terribly pretentious. It’s not, it’s just a brilliant example of a hugely creative young talent proving magic can happen on a shoestring (which appears on a number of tracks no doubt).

Key track: 'Golden Phone'

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