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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Criminal record

OK, confession time...I steal from work. Now, I'm not talking pens, pads or blank CDs (though some of these do find their way into my bag) but albums. People sometimes leave them lying around on desks or hidden away on shelves and miraculously they kind of end up coming home with me. More often then not they're by bands I've not heard of, which makes it all the more exciting. The rubbish ones go in the bin or sometimes I take them back, just to be nice. Sometimes, however, a real gem is discovered and now I have this blog so I get to share this gem with you, dear reader.

The album in question is called Superioryouareinferior and it's by Rae Spoon, a Canadian who, according to his myspace page, was one of the first transgendered country singers. Who dares say Musick is one-dimensional in the acts it features?

Superioryouareinferior mixes elements of folk with some very basic electronica, all battered synths and rudimentary violin. Plus, Spoon's voice is utterly arresting, although it can sometimes sound like one of the more mental X Factor auditionees, you know the ones that sound like sheep bleating. But the album has an undeniable charm and honesty that usually comes from artists making music they think no-one is listening to.

Listen to some of it here

An acoustic version of album highlight, 'Come On Forest Fire, Burn The Disco Down' can be seen and heard here:

It looks like he's mixed his whites with his colours too...

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